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Torch Challenge

Torch Challenge

Next Challenge: 05/12/2015

Location: Whinlatter Forest Head torch race

The Whinlatter head torch race will be the First in a series of No Ego Challenges in 2015/2016.

The 5 mile course takes place on the tracks and trails through Whinlatter Forest. The only official mountain forest in England.


This race will be on gravel trucking roads and footpath trails through the forest. Head torch race is fun and challenging; don't forget your sense of humour. You will get dirty, so be prepared. This is not an obstacle race, apart from ducking to miss branches, avoiding tree roots and running down steep decents. If you don't have a head torch they can be purchased for around £15.00 - £300.00 or just use a hand held torch.

This events starts at 6:15 pm. Registration opens at 5:15pm

Head torches  WILL NOT be on sale on the night of the event.

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The start and finish of the Whinlatter head torch race will be from The visitor centre( see ) on the B5292. 

Address:  Whinlatter Forest, Braithwaite, CA12 5TW.   

This event will be restricted in numbers, due to parking resrictions at the visitor centre. The course will be marked with reflective directional arrows.You must not just follow the runner in front; No Ego staff are not responsible for any wrong turns taken, but staff will try to keep you on the right track.

Please wear appropriate footwear(off road trail shoes are highly recommended) Warm clothing. Fully charged or new batteries in your head torch.

There will be no official event photography at this event.

There will be no water stations on the race course, but will be available at the end of the race.

Head torches WILL NOT be on sale on the night of the event. Please bring your own.

Registration opens at 5.15pm

Pre race briefing 6.05pm

Race start 6.15pm

This will be a mass start event. There will be no waves.

Entry for this event will be £13.00 or £16.00 on the night.


There will be no refunds for reasons beyond our control eg dangerous weather conditions etc. this event or for non participation.

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