No Ego Challenge
Ready to leave your ego at home?

New kid on the block

Posted on: 24th August 2012

No Ego Challenges are set to storm the UK. Challenge races have really taken off in the USA and have started becoming popular in the UK. Not only are they a great way to keep fit, but are a fun alternative to the usual 5 & 10K races and marathons that are quite mainstream.

Where No Ego Challenge races are different is that although there is a competitive edge to the No Ego Challenge, it is all about simply trying to finish the race and cross the finish line. We ask people to leave their ‘Ego’ at home, get muddy, wet and sweaty whilst have fun...on your own or in a team.

No Ego Challenges are not only undertaken on muddy courses, but also on beaches and in urban settings. We hope develop a series of races across the UK just like the USA which uses all types of challenging race settings. We are currently talking with various promoters across the UK about putting on the first No Ego Beach Challenge and No Ego Urban Challenge. Watch this space for further updates!