No Ego Challenge
Ready to leave your ego at home?
Mud Challenge

Mud Challenge

No ego mud challenge

Get down and dirty in the No Ego Mud Challenge. This is the toughest No Ego challenge in our series of races. No Ego Mud Challenge is a 10k ish trek across tough, muddy terrain designed to test your strength, stamina and determination.

These events are based on a true Army assault course, with a fun obstacle thrown in to raise a smile and keep you motivated.

Encounter gruelling obstacles and challenges on the way like 'Scarfell Pike', 'The Mangle', 'Triple Bypass', 'Tiny' 'Tunnel of Mud' and 'Getting Tyred'.

No Ego Challenge races are about leaving your ‘ego’ at home, working together and above all having fun. Don't be fooled - this is the toughest challenge you will ever experience, but with your friends at your side we know you'll complete it. So, be part of the adventure, achieve a personal goal and have fun (whilst trying to survive)

  • Do you have guts of steel and determination of the fittest?
  • Do you crave a new challenge from the usual 5km, 10km or marathon?
  • Are you ready to be covered in mud, water, gunge and grime and take on some of the toughest terrain around?
  • Are you ready to leave your Ego at home?

Then sign up and join the next No Ego Mud Challenge at Penrith on Saturday 17th October 2015.

Take a look at what you can expect.

2014 No Ego Mud Challenge Images 

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